Support-a-Creator: "kobacat" #Ad

Hi there, I'm koba. Nice to meet you!

I'm a student who works on music and coding projects
from time to time. This site is meant as a showcase for
some of the things I've worked on, am working on, or
will do so in the future.

This site is never going to be in a 'complete' state, so
if you see certain things that may not be finished, check
back in a few days or weeks and there may be new things
to check out.

I'm normally active on my Twitter if you ever need to get into contact with me. My Discord handle is koba#8162 too if you need an alternate way to do so. A few more links can be found down below too, mainly sites that I don't use very much or aren't as important.

Thanks for checking out my site, hope to see you around.